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"An Affordable Soccer Kick-Back Kit for Every Home in the US."


Soccer Hop Plans are only $9.95
Instant download, build today.
Includes detailed list of everything needed, instructions and photos.

The problem for all soccer parents, players and coaches...
Find a soccer rebounding and kick back system that is fully adjustable and is priced within reason for all. Why pay $180 - $500 for soccer rebounders and kick-backs that are limited in use and take up a huge amount of room?



Get a FREE set of Soccer Hop Plans.

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The Soccer Hop was created by a frustrated soccer coach, player and soccer parent. He searched for an affordable rebounding and kick-back system for over 6 months. With no luck he decided to create his own. After much testing the Soccer Hop Plans are now ready.

An affordable soccer rebounder / soccer kick back that can be made in 20 - 30 minutes. Simply take the lumber list to a Home Depot, Lowes or lumber supplier and have them cut.

A detailed list of needed hardware with pictures of each.  

The assembly is easy enough for anyone to complete that has a drill. It only takes 12 - 16 minutes.

Your total cost when completed including hardware and lumber you purchase is approximately $40. (Just shipping alone on many kick-backs will cost close to this.)

The first soccer kick-back/rebounder delivering soccer balls back to the soccer player at all angles.
After much testing and many trials, Coach V helped designed the Soccer Hop. He wanted us to design a soccer return that EVERY child in the US could afford.
Little did we know we would also be producing the most versatile and useful training tool ever created for a soccer player.

The 3 Goals set out by Coach "V"
When Coach "V" agreed to help us design this product he had 3 specific goals we had to meet.

Make it the most affordable soccer kickback and rebounder on the market. Shipping costs alone can run between $30 - $100. He wanted the complete product, including shipping to be less than $50 if possible.

Make it versatile. He wanted a soccer training kickback that would not always send the ball back in the air. He want one that would send the ball back very fast on the ground, simulating hard passes. The Soccer Hop will send the ball back in ANY flight pattern depending on how you adjust it.

Make it last. "I have a huge box full of JUNK that have warranties. By the time you pack it up and pay for shipping, it's not worth it." Coach V wanted the ability to repair the product himself. A simple trip to a hardware store. Example: If after 12 months of hard use one of the face boards splits heavily, get another cut for about $3 and replace it. The soccer hop is designed to last a lifetime.


"I wanted to design the least expensive, yet BEST soccer kick-back on the market today. I'm glad we did just that."


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*Turn Boring time
  into FUN time.
*Improve your "first
*Improve accuracy.
*Train muscles.
*Build power.
*Improve trapping.
*Remove fear of
 high balls.
*Practice wall passing and receiving.

  • Requires only $10 worth of lumber you can have cut to size at Lowes, Home Depot or lumber supplier.

  • All hardware can be purchased at the same location.

  • Assembles in 15 minutes with only a drill.

  • Lasts for years.

  • Can be made any size from 4' to 20'.

  • Low, medium and high return balls.

  • Takes a severe beating, shoot hard.

The only thing you need is a drill.

Home Page   Important Intro     What's Included      Order Soccer Hop    

Watch Demo   What Customers Are Saying   Contact US  

"An Affordable Soccer Kick-Back Kit for Every Home in the US."

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